Wednesday, May 5, 2010

FunMail Messenger 2.0 Launches

This week we launched of the new update for FunMail.

FunMail 2.0 offers several substantial improvements over previous versions. FunMails can now be received using iPhone or Android alerts, making sending and receiving MMS messages through FunMail on these devices 100% free. Additionally, the new Instant FunReply feature enables any FunMail to be replied to from any device. This is a major improvement over version 1.0 where consumers had to often click a link to a mobile web page to reply. Finally, FunMail 2.0 supports free texting, enabling consumers to also send free texts if they wish for faster communication.

Key new features:

* Support for iPhone and Android notifications, enabling free, unlimited text and picture messaging from these devices.
* Instant FunReply, enabling any FunMail to be responded to from any device or email account.
* Faster, more responsive UI
* Support for huge address books

FunMail for iPhone is free and available for download at the iTunes store, or visit for directions. Android users can download FunMail by viewing the Android Market on your Android-compatible handset or clicking for the link.

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